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The 2022 Gunner BBCOR Metal Baseball Bat is completely redesigned for explosive power with a light swing feel. The all new Power Balanced construction is built for power hitters who want a whippy feel thru the zone and generate max pop with record breaking exit velo and distance. 

This 2-Piece Hybrid features a massive alloy barrel with a large sweet spot that still performs on mis-hits. Its composite handle is easy on the hands with an ultra thin grip and new stiff connection joint that maximizes power output and minimizes negative feedback. 

A portion of the sales from each Gunner Metal Bat sold benefit the recovery and rehabilitation of US injured Veterans. 


  • Power balanced - combination of max power with a light swing feel
  • 2 Piece Hybrid - Enhanced alloy barrel with ultra stiff composite handle allows for massive barrel size that whips thru the zone
  • Large sweet spot forgiving on mis-hits
  • New stiff connection joint for max power output while minimizing vibration in the hands
  • Ultra thin grip
  • Updated end cap with increased strength and durability
  • Matte gray finish, with glossy "Wartip"

With the newly implemented in-season compression testing rules and regulations, we understand that many have made the investment in at-home testing equipment to monitor their gear. All of our bats are certified and meet the BBCOR standard for compression testing limits at purchase (The Gunner was certified at 1650lbs, BBCOR minimum is 1250lbs).


The Story of the Gunner.

Following a trip to Pearl Harbor, Warstic© Founder Ben Jenkins (of Onefastbuffalo) was inspired to design the Gunner Metal Bat Series. He was moved by the story of sacrifice and influenced by the clean, matte gray look of battleships like USS Arizona. He was further inspired by the font work he saw on the Navy fighter planes and gunships in creating the Gunner's logo.

In honor of those who serve and sacrifice our country, we have decided that moving forward, a portion of profits from every Gunner Metal Bats sold will be donated to support the recovery and rehabilitation of injured veterans. To do this, we are working with two friends of Warstic who are on the front lines of these efforts: the Travis Mills Foundation and Native American Veterans Assistance

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