Victus Wood Bats

Born in Blackwood, NJ in 2012 in a tiny garage with nothing more than a big attitude and a bigger love for the game, Victus has grown into one of the most elite wood bat manufacturers at every level of the sport today. With design driven craftsmanship and an unprecedented commitment to adaptable performance based quality, they embrace the evolution of the game and salute the next generation of players who are changing it.


Wilson Glove of the Month

Every month, since 2014 Wilson has launched a specially Designed Custom Gloves only available at select retailers.

From player Game Models, to introducing new technology, to fan inspired designs, the Glove of the Month series features one of a kind gloves beloved by ball players and collectors. 



Making the look, look good. The Midstopper is the perfect fitting above-the-knee youth baseball knicker for the most stylish players on the field. It's an extra short knicker that is designed to fit slightly tighter at the thigh and land right above the knee. Say goodbye to squeezing into a traditional knicker and having to scrunch, fold or hem them to get that shortie look.