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VukGripz - Pulse Pink Bat Grip Tape with Black

VukGripz - Pulse Pink Bat Grip Tape with Black

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Pulse Collection: Pink Bat Grip Tape with Black Designs!

Swag out your bat with our newest collection Pulse Pink bat grips! Our Award-Winning Bat Tape adds another variation to bring you our new Pulse Collection!

Inspired by a wolf on the hunt! While a wolf patiently waits to attack its prey, it slows its heartbeat down and controls its adrenaline! Then, when it needs to make a move, the wolf flips a switch and immediately revs its engine to attack! With its blood pulsing through its veins, it is only a matter of time until its accomplished! 

What makes the best bat grip?

The Best Bat Grips are ones that perform for you in any condition! Also, these are thin like bat tape, but have unmatched exit velocity increases for players! Get the most out of your muscles by adding fluidity to your swing from the Premium Friction our bat wraps provide!

Our American Made design and process allows our grip to be thin, but again- extremely durable because of our friction properties! 

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