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TUFF Turf Tape - Extra Wide Athletic Tape for Football

TUFF Turf Tape - Extra Wide Athletic Tape for Football

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TUFF Extra Wide Turf Tape is designed to be durable and protect your skin against abrasions from the turf that might burn, scrape, or blister your skin while playing football, soccer, and other field sports.

Designed to protect against the toughest of playing fields while remaining stretchable, breathable, and waterproof. Built to the high production standards that we demand for our athletes so that you can focus on your on-field performance and know you have that extra protection when you need it. 

  • SHOC TUFF Turf Tape for various playing surfaces. 
  • Latex Free - Hypoallergenic 
  • Comes with one roll per box. 
  • 4 Inches Extra Wide X 20 Feet Long, enough for an entire season
  • Our SHOC Tuff Tape material is top-of-the-line in performance and strength.
  • Various Colors with SHOC matching Logo

How to Apply – Simply cut the tape into strips. Peel the tape backing and stick the tape onto the length of your extended arm. Once you have stuck it on your arm, rub the tape from the center moving outwards.

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