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Tanner Tee the Original Adjustable Batting Tee

Tanner Tee the Original Adjustable Batting Tee

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This is the Original Tanner batting tee that set the industry standard with its rugged craftsmanship and performance. 

The hand-rolled Flextop allows hitters to feel the ball (not the tee) at contact, developing the muscle memory, refining your mechanics and adding power to every swing with your Tanner tee.

  • Select your batting tee height - adult, youth or low ball
  • Durable steel stem and composite base hold up to heavy use
  • Ideal for baseball, softball and tee ball
  • Easy, one hand height adjustment 
  • The Original Tanner tee is stable for hitting and light enough to carry in a bat bag
  • Backed by Tanner Guarantee and 1 year warranty 
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