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StringKing Metal Pro BBCOR Baseball Bat: SKBBMP

StringKing Metal Pro BBCOR Baseball Bat: SKBBMP

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StringKing Metal Pro BBCOR Baseball Bat: SKBBMP

The Metal Pro BBCOR ups the ante when compared to the regular StringKing Metal BBCOR Bat. As good as the Metal can be, this Metal Pro should perform a little bit better!

Bat Benefits

The Metal Pro is going to be defined by its simplicity in build and graphics. It is crafted from a single piece of alloy material and has an extremely covert look to it (as the coloring is nearly all black). However, this bat is ready to crush baseballs into the deepest parts of high school and collegiate outfields (and even beyond).

It has been crafted with a slight end-load on the barrel and power hitters may find themselves a bit more attracted to the bat. But contact hitters can definitely step up and try their hand with it. As well, the alloy material that creates the bat has received some extra attention (especially when compared to the alloy material on the regular Metal BBCOR Bat). StringKing has used some premium materials when constructing this bat’s alloy and this permits the performance level on the center of the sweetspot to reach .499 on the BBCOR scale (the highest allowable rating is .50). That rating is higher than what can be found on many other competing BBCOR bats.

Overall, if you settle in with a StringKing Metal Pro, you’ll be swinging with one of the best value bats that has ever been released on the BBCOR market.

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