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StringKing Metal 2 Pro USSSA Baseball Bat SKSLM2P

StringKing Metal 2 Pro USSSA Baseball Bat SKSLM2P

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StringKing Metal 2 Pro USSSA Baseball Bat: SKSLM2P

Spray hits all over the diamond with the formidable Metal 2 Pro USSSA Baseball Bat from StringKing!

Bat Benefits

The StringKing Metal 2 Pro USSSA Baseball Bat is a masterful fusion of simplicity and performance. Crafted in a one-piece alloy design, the Metal 2 Pro's straightforward design is tailored to meet the needs of numerous batters in USSSA baseball leagues. However, what sets the Metal Pro apart from its StringKing Metal 2 counterpart is the incorporation of premium materials in its construction.

StringKing takes pride in using materials known for their exceptional strength, often surpassing those employed in aerospace, automotive, and military projects. This advanced build ensures the StringKing Metal 2 Pro's superiority, translating into an impressive pop that may just give you that extra edge on the field.

  • Balanced Swing Feel

  • One-Piece, All-Alloy Baseball Bat

  • Colorway: Black | White

  • StringKing Maxes Out The Sweetspot Of This Bat To Allow You To Make Clean & Powerful Contact On Every Swing.

  • StringKing Incorporates Premium Materials Into The Build Of This Metal Pro Bat. They Say That These Materials Are Tougher Than What Is Commonly Used In The Aerospace, Automotive & Military Industries.

  • Cushioned Grip Allows For A Secure Hold On The Bat & Reduces Vibrations On Mishits

  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty

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