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R9TRCM-3/0 - 27"

R9TRCM-3/0 - 27"

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R9 27 in Training Catcher's Mitt
If you're a young star who's getting serious about catching, you need our 2021 R9 series 27-inch catcher's training mitt. This specialized training glove is perfect for athletes who want to improve their hand-eye coordination, pitch framing skills, and ball transfers too.
Made from quality, durable leather, this R9 training mitt is sure to improve your defense behind the plate. In addition, it's padded thumb sleeve and finger-back liners, and reinforced palm pad will keep your hand protected and comfortable as you hone your craft. As a result, you'll be a brick wall every inning out. You'll also never have to worry about any stingers, even over long hours of practice. If you want to improve your game behind the plate, you need the new R9 catcher's training mitt. Get yours now!



R9 Catcher's Mitt


Soft, durable all-leather shell designed to be game-ready
Pro style patterns
Reinforced palm pad for impact reduction
Padded thumb loop for added comfort
Padded fingerback liners for soft, comfortable feel
Standard and Narrow Fit
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