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Marucci Men's Team Fleece Hoodie

Marucci Men's Team Fleece Hoodie

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Marucci's versatile Team Fleece Hoodie is built to warm you up in cool temperatures. Designed with removable sleeves, this hoodie converts to a short sleeve training top for cage time or outdoor workouts.

  • Soft, smooth exterior finish for maximum comfort
  • Easily removable sleeves to create a short sleeve training top
  • Three-piece hood construction provides a better fit during rainy or windy weather
  • Neck closure with matching openings and drawstring
  • Open bottom hem provides relaxed look and feel
  • Side pockets for added storage
  • Same design and fabric as the Team Fleece Joggers
  • 100% polyester

How to remove sleeves:

  1. Locate the horizontal seam on each sleeve.
  2. Carefully cut the thread that connects the two finished edges.
  3. Sleeves are not reattachable.
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