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Marucci Pro AM22 Maple Wood Youth Baseball Bat

Marucci Pro AM22 Maple Wood Youth Baseball Bat

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Marucci Pro AM22 Maple Wood Youth Baseball Bat: MYVE4AM22-CH/FG

Andrew McCutchen used this bat to deliver in clutch moments and now you can too!

Bat Benefits

Marucci isn't letting their dominance in the MLB ranks get in the way of thinking about the younger players. This McCutchen Youth maple wood bat will be the club that'll deliver game-winning hits or maybe be the stick that creates fun memories with the family in the backyard. Marucci is going to dedicate time when they construct this maple bat. It is going to be cut with precision to deliver a durable product, it'll be stained thoroughly so it looks slick and it will also be bone-rubbed. When it is bone-rubbed, Marucci will take the femur bone of a cow and compress the pores of the wood bat (by rubbing it with the bone) to ensure that it becomes a harder bat overall. A harder bat can last longer and also deliver higher ball exit speeds off the barrel.

This AM22 maple model of Marucci bat is built with a medium thickness barrel and handle which should work great for a younger player. The end result is a well-balanced bat for any young ball player. On the handle end, the bat is bottomed off with a slightly flared knob that can increase bottom-hand comfort. And if all these features weren't enough, you'll be put over the edge by the cherry color of the bat! Snag it from JustBats and put your name on the knob for only $10 more!

  • Sixty (60) Day Manufacturer's Warranty

  • AM22 Turn Model - Built For Andrew McCutchen Of The Pittsburgh Pirates, But Adapted For Youth Players. Creates A Bat With A Medium Handle And Barrel Size. Allows For A Balanced Feel With A Little Longer Barrel.

  • Approximate -5 to -8 Length to Weight Ratio

  • Balanced Swing Feel

  • Handcrafted From Pro-Quality Maple Wood

  • Pro Cupped End Helps Improve Weight Distribution & Ensures A Hard Piece Of Wood

  • Slightly Flared Knob

  • Medium Handle

  • Meets Requirements Of Most Youth Organizations (Approved For Little League)

  • Colorway: Cherry Red (Maroon) | Grey

  • Bone Rubbed To Tighten The Grains Of The Bat & Create A Harder Hitting Surface.

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