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Force3 Pro Gear Softball Fielders Defender Mask

Force3 Pro Gear Softball Fielders Defender Mask

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Defender of the Dome

This game comes at you quickly.

Pitchers are firing it in there. Hitters can blast it back. And infielders are so close to the plate they only have milliseconds to react in time to make a play. And that’s assuming you don’t get a bad hop.

Take worrying about your safety out of the equation and use:

The one with the springs.


  • PATENTED SAFETY SYSTEM is constructed with a S3 Shock Suspension System to maximize force distribution
  • Designed to withstand frontal impacts from softballs, the Softball Fielders Defender Mask ensures you can FIELD WITH CONFIDENCE
  • INCREDIBLY LIGHTWEIGHT hybrid hollow and solid steel construction is powder-coated for a protective finish and provides superior impact resistance
  • Single bar construction allows for an unrestricted view of the field
  • Completely adjustable memory foam padding and strap system designed for cushioning and a stabilized fit
  • Includes elastic harness built with opening to accommodate long hair
  • Available in Youth and Adult sizes 




The FORCE3 PRO GEAR Defender Mask is a highly engineered mechanical device.  Please ensure you always adhere to the following instructions:

1) For optimal performance the FORCE3 PRO GEAR Defender Mask must NOT be worn loose.  It must be fitted properly and snug to your face/head.

2) Under no circumstances should you use any accessories other than those designed by FORCE3 PRO GEAR for specific use with your Defender Mask.  Every component is designed to work together to provide you with the best protection when withstanding an impact.

3) You must inspect your mask after every impact to ensure it is in its original, intact condition. If there are any questions or concerns, please do not wear the mask and contact us immediately at

4) The Softball Fielders Defender Mask is intended for softball use only

- SEI Certified to Meet NOCSAE Standard


CARE INSTRUCTIONS:  Wipe with damp cloth as needed.

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