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Victus EB12 Pro Reserve Hard Flat Maple Wood Baseball Bat

Victus EB12 Pro Reserve Hard Flat Maple Wood Baseball Bat

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The Pro Reserve Bats from Victus are going to be some of the highest-quality wood bats on the market. Victus is going to build these bats from maple wood that has a close-grain structure. Every time that you hit with it, the barrel will be hardened a tad more due to the structure of the maple wood. However, Victus doesn’t stop there. They also complete the bat with their ProPACT finish that will assist the close-grain structure by allowing the surface to be exceptionally hard even before the bat is ever used. Ultimately, the harder the hitting surface is on your bat, the better the chances are that you’ll be able to rap out sharper and further hits. And this Pro Reserve will indeed have a hard-hitting surface!

This EB12 model is made with a true slugger in mind. The thick 2.50" barrel diameter will take some strength to get through the hitting zone. However, if you can move the barrel with some quickness, you'll be impressed by how far the bat can hit a baseball!

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