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Bruce Bolt

Bruce Bolt Premium Pine Tar Single

Bruce Bolt Premium Pine Tar Single

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BRUCE BOLT Premium Pine Tar is the tackiest, longest lasting pine tar in baseball. Our proprietary blend of real pine tar and rosin will give you optimal grip in all conditions and it doesn’t require messy sprays, rosin rubs or towels to activate. 

Apply our pine tar between your bat handle and barrel and use with or without gloves.  Just one application of our proprietary blend will last for an entire tournament and stays sticky even if it gets dirt on it.  Unlike pine tar that comes in cardboard tubes, our *NEW* “no mess” plastic, push up applicator with screw on top keeps the pine tar sticky and fresh without the mess.  

Our pine tar is 90 grams of 100% natural blend of pine tar and rosin which is why it doesn’t dry out or get gooey in the heat.  And the best thing is that it has that great pine tar smell.

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