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B45 Baseball

B45 B243C Premium Yellow Birch Wood Baseball Bat

B45 B243C Premium Yellow Birch Wood Baseball Bat

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The B243C is tailor-made for hitters who love the classic feel of a big barreled, top-heavy baseball bat. Crafted with the intent of delivering substantial power, the B243c boasts our biggest barrel profile, rendering the bat undeniably top-heavy. Once you set the barrel in motion, it will slice through the hitting zone with remarkable ease, driven forward by the sheer size of the barrel. Seasoned hitters can expect to deliver impressive hits with every swing, making this bat an ideal choice for those who demand raw power and precision at the plate.

All of B45’s Premium bats are steel-pressed, which means that the barrel is pre-hardened to ensure your bat is ready to deliver those bombs straight out of the box. Good news is, the more you will use the bat, the more it will continue to harden. For the first few games, you will be able to experience the pop becoming greater the more you hit with the bat. Past that point, it’s your turn to make the rest history!

  • 45-day warranty included
  • Knob: Square
  • Handle: Standard - 0.94"
  • Barrel: Large - 2.48"
  • Feel: End-Loaded
  • Weight Ratio: -3
  • Ink-dot certified (MLB Approved)
  • Handcrafted from Premium Yellow Birch
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