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Wilson A2000 MDA 1786 Baseball Glove 11.5"

Wilson A2000 MDA 1786 Baseball Glove 11.5"

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Wilson A2000 MDA 1786 11.5" Baseball Glove: WBW102148115

Make every play count with the Wilson A2000 MDA 1786 11.5" Baseball Glove. Supporting the Muscular Dystrophy Association with every sale, it's more than just a glove.

Glove Benefits

Play with purpose and passion with the Wilson A2000 MDA 1786 11.5" Baseball Glove. This glove isn't just a piece of top-tier sporting equipment; it's a symbol of hope and support for those affected by Muscular Dystrophy. Designed in collaboration with the Muscular Dystrophy Association, a portion of proceeds from every glove sold goes directly to the association, helping to fund research and provide care for individuals and families navigating this challenge.

This A2000 MDA glove boasts Wilson's classic 1786 pattern, beloved by infielders for its 11.50-inch length and I-Web design. What sets this glove apart is the double-lacing at the base of the web, engineered to create a shallow pocket. This feature, coupled with its tendency to break in with a flattened, flared shape, offers great control and swift ball retrieval.

However, the true beauty of this glove lies in its unique colorway. Adorned in vibrant shades of green and white and sprinkled with charming shamrocks, it stands out on the field not just for its performance, but for its eye-catching design. Whether you're an infielder looking for a glove that combines functionality with a cause or a collector seeking a meaningful addition to your lineup, the Wilson A2000 MDA 1786 11.5" Baseball Glove is a perfect choice. Play your heart out, knowing that with this glove, you're making a difference both on and off the field.

  • Designed In Collaboration With The Muscular Dystrophy Association. A Portion Of Proceeds From This Sale Will Be Donated To The Association.

  • 11.50 Inch Length

  • Recommended For Use On The Infield (2B, SS & 3B)

  • Stiffer Feel Will Require A Break-In

  • Designed To Fit A High School-To-Adult Sized Hand

  • Wilson H-Web (I-Web)

  • 1786 Pattern - 11.50 Inch Length & I-Web. Double-Lacing At Base Of Web Makes The Pocket Shallow. Breaks In With A Flattened, Flared Shape.

  • Pro Stock Leather Provides Rugged Durability & An Unbeatable Feel

  • Colorway: Green | White

  • Conventional Open Backing

  • Dri-Lex Wrist Lining - Ultra-Breathable, Moisture Wicking Material On The Inside Of The Glove. Wicks Moisture From Knuckles And Back Of Hand.

  • Rolled Dual Welting - Welting On Backs Of The Glove’s Fingers & Within The Finger Stalls Of The Inner Hand Lining Allows Glove To Retain Shape Better Over Time

  • Comfort Pro Fit - Pro Lux Hand Lining Is Extremely Soft & Should Mold To Hand With Time. Comfort Sleeve Conceals Binding Of The Wrist Strap And Prevents Rubbing On The Medial-Posterior Section Of The Wrist.

  • Flat Finger Binding - Provides A More Comfortable Feel When Wearing Index Finger On The Outside Of The Glove

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