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Wilson A2000 M2 33.5" Baseball Catcher's Mitt: WBW100977335

Wilson A2000 M2 33.5" Baseball Catcher's Mitt: WBW100977335

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Wilson A2000 M2 33.5" Baseball Catcher's Mitt: WBW100977335

If you wish to keep your wrist and thumb protected when playing behind the dish, this M2 style of catcher's mitt is the one to get from Wilson!

Glove Benefits

The M2 design, for this A2000 catchers mitt, will protect your thumb and wrist better than any other mitt out there. There is a cast for your thumb on the inside of the glove which helps prevent hyperextension of the thumb when receiving pitches. Plus there is an extension of that cast that reaches down to where the wrist and thumb meet. This extension of the cast protects that area from baseballs that could hit it on foul tips -or- baseballs that bounce in the dirt.

All of this protective technology (plus the entire catching surface of the glove) is built with Wilson's Pro Stock leather that has stood the test of time and is heralded as some of the best leather out there.


When customers think of baseball and softball glove excellence, Wilson definitely comes to mind. One of the reasons that Wilson is held in high regard is because they extend a twelve (12) month manufacturer’s warranty on their ball gloves. If you get one of these gloves from us and notice a warranty issue on it within 1 year from the purchase date, please let a JustGloves’ Glove Expert know. They will get you the necessary information for reaching out to Wilson to begin the warranty replacement process for your glove.

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