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Wilson A2000 2023 OT7SS SPIN CONTROL BLACK 12.75

Wilson A2000 2023 OT7SS SPIN CONTROL BLACK 12.75

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Wilson A2000 SuperSkin OT7 Spin Control 12.75" Baseball Glove: WBW1009871275

Get a Wilson A2000 for outfield play. This glove incorporates two of the most innovative technologies out there: SuperSkin and Spin Control.

Glove Benefits

This glove is 12.75" in length and will give any outfielder the confidence that they can catch anything that flies their way in the outfield. The length along with the six-finger web should create a huge pocket as well.

In addition, the SuperSkin makes the glove light-weight, strong and super water repellant. The Spin Control Technology allows for hundreds of dimples to be imprinted on the leather of the palm. When a baseball enters the glove it will contact these dimples and the extra friction created from the baseball rubbing against the dimples will cut down on the spin of the baseball. Thus, it will be less likely that a baseball will spin out of this glove.

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