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Marucci Pro Exclusive LINDY12 Maple Wood Baseball Bat: MVE4LINDY12-BK/HN

Marucci Pro Exclusive LINDY12 Maple Wood Baseball Bat: MVE4LINDY12-BK/HN

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Marucci Pro Exclusive LINDY12 Maple Wood Baseball Bat (MVE4LINDY12-BK/HN)

You'll be oozing with confidence when you step into the box with the Marucci Francisco Lindor Pro Maple Wood Bat! EXCLUSIVE to JUSTBATS!

Bat Benefits

Marucci pro models are the most widely swung wood bats in the Major Leagues, and for good reason. The attention to detail, premium quality, and unmatched performance are some of the many reasons why players of all levels continue to take these designs up to the plate with them. Each Pro Model wood bat reflects that particular player's preferred barrel size, profile, handle taper, knob shape, and anything else that they may want or need. With the LINDY12, Francisco Lindor has created a wood bat unlike any other. The notable feature that sets this pro model apart is the thin, flared knob that results in a unique feel. While it does have personalized features for Lindor himself, this Pro Model does come bone rubbed and has the pro ink dot certification to prove the slope of grain straightness for MLB approval, similar to all other Marucci pro model wood bats. To add on to the greatness, a professional grade maple wood construction combines with a cupped end to guarantee long lasting durability with powerful pop off the barrel on contact. Marucci: A Cut Above The Rest!

This Marucci Pro Model Maple Wood Baseball Bat (LINDY12) features a thick handle, slightly flared knob, and medium barrel diameter for a balanced swing weight that is perfect for contact hitters who have experience hitting with wood. Experience the handcrafted masterpieces and order one of these Marucci wood bats today with free shipping and a 30-day manufacturer's warranty.

  • Sixty (60) Day Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Lindy12 Turn Model - Built For New York Met, Francisco Lindor. This Bat Has A Very Flared, Bell-Shaped Knob. As Well, It Has A Thin Handle And A Decent Sized Barrel. Marucci Lists It As Balanced, But Some May Find It To Be A Little End-Loaded.

  • Approximate Drop 3 Length-To-Weight Ratio

  • Slightly End Loaded Swing Feel

  • Handcrafted From Pro-Quality Maple Wood

  • Pro Cupped End Helps Improve Weight Distribution & Ensures A Hard Piece Of Wood

  • Slightly Flared, Rounded Knob

  • Thin Handle

  • Pro Ink Dot Certified For MLB Approval

  • Colorway: Black Handle | Hickory (Maroon) Barrel

  • Bone Rubbed To Tighten The Grains Of The Bat & Create A Harder Hitting Surface.


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