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Marucci Nightshift Series "Coco" 11.75" Single Post Fielding Glove: MFGNTSHFT-0104

Marucci Nightshift Series "Coco" 11.75" Single Post Fielding Glove: MFGNTSHFT-0104

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Marucci Nightshift Coco 11.75" Baseball Glove (MFGNTSHFT0104)

Fastpitch and baseball players can spice up their style by incorporating this Marucci Nightshift Coco into your glove rotation!

Glove Benefits

When the game is on the line, having a reliable and high-performing glove is critical. The Marucci Nightshift Coco 11.75" Baseball Glove is the perfect solution, offering a combination of top-quality materials and a lightweight design that guarantees comfort, even during grueling doubleheaders. Its blonde colorway is elevated by the addition of cheetah print accents which lines the back of the glove, creating a bold and distinct style that will set you apart from the competition.

Marucci, their Glove Cowboy and professional fastpitch player/influencer Courtney Gano collaborated on this glove. The fitting of the glove is designed for a baseball player, but if a fastpitch player likes the look, they could definitely go after it!

It was carefully crafted to strike the perfect balance between stiffness and a lightweight feel, providing maximum comfort and exceptional snap throughout the entire game. The glove is constructed using Japanese-tanned Kip leather, which is renowned for its lighter weight compared to cowhide, making it ideal for swift infield retrievals. Comfort is also a top priority, with sheepskin finger linings, padding-wrapped thumb, and loops ensuring that you can wear the glove for extended periods without experiencing any discomfort.

The glove's memory foam padding and moisture-wicking liner material keep your hands dry and free from pain, allowing you to concentrate fully on the game's next pitch. Kip leather is also used for the palm lining, resulting in an incredibly smooth surface that enhances the glove's overall structure. The package is completed with pro-grade rawhide laces from the Tennessee Tanning Company, ensuring that this glove will be a reliable companion on the diamond for years to come.


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