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Krato Sports Hitting Power Balls 10oz

Krato Sports Hitting Power Balls 10oz

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Hitting Power Balls are a must-have for any hitter seeking to increase exit velocity & Power.

  • INCREASE EXIT VELOCITY – Krato Hitting Power Balls teach hitters how to  "drive through” a ball. Learn how to drive through your swing with power when  Hitting Krato Power Ball, and watch your exit velocity jump when you hit baseballs. 
  • INCREASE HITTING POWER –  Weighted balls designed specifically for hitters. Practice hitting with a heavier ball teaches the hitter to drive through the ball while utilizing the full body.  When switching back to a regular baseball, players continue to drive through the ball hitting it with increased exit velocity and distance. 
  • MOST DURABLE  – Krato Power Balls are designed exclusively for hitters.  Made to replicate the feel of a regular baseball.  Seams engraved into the durable matte finish, filled with iron sand. The balls are made to last and built for everyday hitting.  
  • SET OF 6 BALLS WITH CARRYING BAG:  Balls contain realistic feeling seams engraved into the matte finish. Convenient carrying case is included with each order.
  • EASILY INFLATABLE : Each ball contains an air nozzle to inflate as needed using a standard needle pump.


Use for all levels of baseball. Krato training baseballs can be incorporated into your drills. Front toss and tee work are our favorite way to use these. Use for individual use and team practices

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