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Krato Sports

Krato Sports Baseball Bat Weight 10oz

Krato Sports Baseball Bat Weight 10oz

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Krato Bat Weight 10oz

Batting Training Aid for Baseball & Softball                                                                        

Turn your bat into an elite training tool! The Krato Weight securely attaches to your bat at any position below the barrel. Allows for versatility and options to train with weight above the hands or above the knob.

This unique weight placement is designed for live hitting. Six distinct weight choices, make it the perfect training aid for all skill levels! Increase power, hand speed, bat speed, and exit velocity - all while improving swing mechanics.

The Krato bat weight can be used with tee work, front toss, machines, and even live bp all while using your own bat. This bat weight is designed to fit all baseball & softball bats. This is a great way to turn your own bat into a weighted bat!

Improve your swing with the Krato Bat Weight! Simply attach weight to your own bat, right above your hands! Start training to increase exit velocity, power, and distance!
All while creating the proper swing path! We have a perfect weight for all skill levels! Weights range from 10oz-40oz!

Krato Sports recommendations are based on repetitions rather than heavy use.

10oz: Ages 7-11 depending on the size and strength of the player.  
15oz: Ages 12-14 depending on the size and strength of the player.
20oz-25oz: Ages 15-18 depending on the size and strength of the player.
40oz: Recommended for certain High School, College, Pro, and Adult players.

In general, players should tone their muscles using light weights and a high number of repetitions rather than lifting heavy loads.

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