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AXE 2023 AVENGE PRO -8 USSSA Baseball Bat

AXE 2023 AVENGE PRO -8 USSSA Baseball Bat

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This version of the Axe Avenge Pro is looking to add some excitement to a bat that has already proved itself as a serious contender in the USSSA Baseball Bat space. With this edition, Axe has outfitted the two-piece & all-composite bat with a new Charged Carbon Max Composite Material. However, that new material won't be the only new thing for this bat. Axe will also be unveiling their newest rendition of their Blastwall Barrel and they are calling it the "Shieldboost". Axe's Blastwall Barrels have become integral parts of their bats as they allow for the bat to be hit on the one side intended for hitting while maintaining durability and performance.

This drop 8 sized model will make a great bat for hitters that have moved on from lighter swinging bats. If you have an advanced 11 or 12-year-old hitter, then a drop 8 is a great consideration. And if you are a 13-year-old, a drop 8 might be the absolute perfect size (be sure to note that at least a drop 8 size of bat is required for use in the 13U division of USSSA baseball). Plus, this bat has the largest allowed 2 3/4" barrel diameter. You'll feel like the bat can cover the entire strike zone due to it being so large!

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