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Louisville Slugger MLB Prime Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Birch Wood Baseball Bat: WBL2678010

Louisville Slugger MLB Prime Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Birch Wood Baseball Bat: WBL2678010

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Louisville Slugger MLB Prime Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Birch Wood Baseball Bat: WBL267801

Channel your inner Vlad Jr. with this Louisville Slugger MLB Prime Series bat. Designed by the Blue Jay's Silver Slugger Award-winning star, this bat features a sleek black handle and a dark maroon barrel that looks just as impressive as it performs. The decals and lettering on this bat are seamlessly integrated and the end brand has been condensed for a cleaner, high-end look. Slugger has also rolled out a new knob medallion for this model year of MLB Prime bats, making it easy to quickly identify the model, size and wood species.

Bat Benefits

For this Signature Series bat, Guerrero worked with Louisville Slugger to develop his own custom VG27 turning model. This special shape is combined with a slightly end-loaded feel to help increase momentum through the strike zone. Crafted with pro-grade birch, this bat offers exceptional hardness and a feel that falls somewhere in between ash and maple. It's bone rubbed and then finished with Slugger's premium EXOPRO topcoat. This finish is two times harder than the brand's former EXOARMOR coating and offers a crystal clear. Available in four lengths ranging from 31" to 34", this bat is an ideal choice for adults of all sizes.


This MLB Prime Guerrero Jr. birch wood baseball bat is backed by a 30-day limited warranty with Slugger!


  • VG27 Turn Model - With A Traditional Knob Taper, Standard Handle Thickness And Short Barrel Taper; This Uncupped Birch Design Features A Very Heavy Feel.

  • Approximate Drop 3 Length-To-Weight Ratio

  • End-Loaded Feel

  • MLB Birch Prime Wood Material (Birch Displays Some Hardness Like Maple, But Also Flexes Like Ash)

  • Uncupped Barrel End

  • Conventional Knob (Some Might Say It Is Ever-So-Slightly Flared)

  • Pro Ink Dot Certified For MLB Approval

  • Colorway: Black | Maroon

  • Bone Rubbed To Further Tighten The Grains And Harden The Surface

  • EXOPRO Finish - Twice as Hard As The Previous EXOARMOR Finish. Provides An Incredibly Durable Top Coat That Drastically Increases Surface Hardness.

  • Barrel-End Label Brand Creates A Condensed Appearance For a Crisp, High-End Look

  • Seamless Decals Are Applied Directly Under The Top Coat And Appear To Blend Into The Bat

  • Unique Knob Medallion Is Embedded In The Knob To Indicate The MLB Prime Grade Of Wood, The Species and The Length

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