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Wilson A2000 Autism Speaks 1786 11.5" Baseball Glove: WBW100845115

Wilson A2000 Autism Speaks 1786 11.5" Baseball Glove: WBW100845115

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Wilson A2000 Autism Speaks 1786 11.5" Baseball Glove: WBW100845115

Bring awareness to those living with Autism while you compete on the field with this Wilson A2000 baseball glove!

Glove Benefits

For a number of seasons now, Wilson has teamed up with the Autism Speaks foundation to create a baseball glove that features the Autism Speaks' blue color. Each year, this release coincides with the month of April which happens to be World Autism month. By working with Autism Speaks, Wilson hopes to put forth a "message of inclusion, acceptance and understanding for people on the autism spectrum". For this release, Wilson stepped up their game and brought forth 5 gloves that will be a part of this special line. And to increase the uniqueness of these gloves, Wilson also adds their "Love The Moment" slogan to each one. You'll be able to read this message on the pinky of each model's catching surface.

The 1786 is probably the most popular A2000 that Wilson creates for middle infielders (2B & SS). However, you can also take it over to 3B if you want! The I-Web will make it look irresistible to a top-notch infielder!

  • 11.5 Inch Length

  • Recommended For Infielders (2B, SS & 3B)

  • Stiffer Feel Will Require A Break-In

  • Designed To Fit A High School-To-Adult Sized Hand

  • Wilson H-Web

  • 1786 Pattern - 11.50 Inch Length & Wilson H-Web. Double-Lacing At Base Of Web Makes The Pocket Shallow. Breaks In With A Flattened, Flared Shape.

  • Pro Stock Leather Provides Rugged Durability & An Unbeatable Feel

  • Colorway: Blue | Autism Speaks Wilson Logos

  • Dri-Lex Wrist Lining - Ultra-Breathable, Moisture Wicking Material On The Inside Of The Glove. Wicks Moisture From Knuckles And Back Of Hand.

  • Rolled Dual Welting - Welting On Backs Of The Glove’s Fingers & Within The Finger Stalls Of The Inner Hand Lining Allows Glove To Retain Shape Better Over Time

  • Flat Finger Binding - Provides A More Comfortable Feel When Wearing Index Finger On The Outside Of The Glove

  • Comfort Pro Fit - Pro Lux Hand Lining Is Extremely Soft & Should Mold To Hand With Time. Comfort Sleeve Conceals Binding Of The Wrist Strap And Prevents Rubbing On The Medial-Posterior Section Of The Wrist.

  • Special Autism Speaks Colorway - For Multiple Years Now, Wilson Has Worked Together With The Autism Speaks Foundation To Create On-Field Gear With The Foundation's Signature Blue Color In An Effort To Increase Autism Awareness.

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